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    Joe Caron

    Hi Amelia!


    Buttons in our templates have the "Action Bar" preset applied to the Floating Bar with a couple additional styling options. Here's how you achieve the styling you're looking for:


    1. Group the buttons in a Floating Bar, and choose the "Action Bar" (5 of 6) preset in the "ITEMS" tab of the ILE.



    2. Next, choose the "Light With Border" Preset in the "PROPERTIES" tab. This adds the border on top of the Floating Bar, which is good to visually separate it from elements that scroll behind.



    3. By default, the buttons in the Action Bar have no fill. Gotta fix that! Fill both buttons with white.



    4. Also by default, the font color in each button is the brand color. This is ugly. Change the font color to #555555.



    6. Finally, if you need icons, add them to the left of the label.



    Hope this helps!

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