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    Joe Caron

    Hi Bob,


    As I'm sure you're aware, tables are a little tricky to style effectively. Before answering this question, I encourage designers to first decide what the main purpose of the table is. Is it to compare information? Identify an item? Simply organize lots of data? What column values will the user be interested in?


    Most of our table presets can comfortably fit 4 column values in some kind of arrangement. If you can remove one of the 5 columns, that would be ideal.


    If you are unable to remove one of the 5, I would recommend using the first layout we have, "Flexible Content with Labels". This simply stacks the five columns on top of each other. I could suggest surfacing the unique identifier for the row into the first position, and possibly removing the label. Then, style the value so the user can quickly compare as they scroll.




    Hope this helps!

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