Choosing a Control Type

When building your Zapp, it is important to select the type of control based on the type of web item you are about to grab, and not the desired mobile user experience. Sometimes This fact coupled with the variety and custom nature of many web interfaces may make it unclear which control type to select within the Designer. The following article provides a description of each control type, when to select it, and example use cases.


Control Type

When to Use

Example Use Cases


To grab non-interactive text from the page.

Grabbing title or description text from the page.

Text Pair

To capture a piece of text and its label at the same time.

Capturing a list of attributes about a user or item.

Text > Phone Number

To include a phone number that, when tapped, will trigger the phone's native click-to-dial capabilities.

Grabbing a phone number.


Text > Email Address To grab an email address that, when tapped, will open the device's mail client.

Grabbing an email address.


Text > Address To capture an address that, when tapped, will utilize the phone's navigation capabilities.

Including an address.



To add a button existing in the source application to your Zapp.

Grabbing a login or submission button.


To grab an image already included in the source application

Capturing a company logo.

Data > Table

To capture a collection of repeating elements, usually arranged into rows and columns.

Grabbing a table of pending approvals.

Data > List

To grab a list of items.

Capturing a list of users.

Data > Notifications

To capture warning or notification messages.

Capturing an unresolved items notification.

Data > Data Enhancement

To add interactive content to a previously captured table or list.

Adding navigation buttons to a table.

Capturing an item that enables you to select/unselect a whole row.

Link > Text Link

To grab a text link from your source application.

Grabbing a link on a page.

Link > Menu

To take a list of links and turn it into a dropdown menu.

Grabbing the top navigation bar from your source application.

Link > Popup Menu

To grab a dropdown menu. As opposed to the "Menu" control, Popup Menus can only be used for navigation.

Capturing a navigation dropdown menu.

Input > Text Field

To capture a free text field into which users can input content.

Grabbing a comments or description field.

Input > Autocomplete

To grab a text field that suggests autocomplete options as the user types.

Capturing a search bar that includes autocomplete.

Input > Dropdown

To capture a dropdown list that enables the user to choose one of several options.

Grabbing a dropdown field from an opportunity entry form.

Input > Date Picker

To grab a control from your source application that enables users to select a date from a calendar.

Capturing the Close Date field for a Create Opportunity Zapp.

Input > Multiselect

To capture a set of checkboxes that correspond to the same item enable the user to make multiple selections.

Grabbing a list of reviewers for a timesheet Zapp.

Input > Checkbox

To add a single checkbox that corresponds to a single item in your Zapp.

Grabbing a checkbox that enables you to select a product from a list.

Input > Radio Button

To transform a group of radio buttons into a dropdown from which the user may select one item.

Capturing a set of radio buttons that indicate the different types of time the user may enter in a Timecard Entry Zapp.

Input > File Upload

To capture a file upload widget.

Grabbing a document upload widget.

Input > Lookup

To add a control that enables the user to search for possible values to input into a text field.

Capturing a lookup field to search for the correct team name.

Insert > Text

To add new text not contained in your source application to the Zapp.

Adding instructional text to the Zapp page.

Insert > External Action

To trigger an action using a control not included in the source system.

Opening an external URL.


Insert > Virtual Button

To add a new button not contained in your source application to the Zapp.

Creating a back button when one does not exist in the source application.

Insert > Image

To add an image not contained in your source application to the Zapp.

Inserting a company logo at the top of the page.

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