Accessing Zapps via Browser

This article describes the process and common use cases for enabling access to Zapps via internet browser.


What Does it Mean to Access Zapps via Browser?


Accessing Zapps via browser refers to the ability for end users to access a Zapp using its URL without first needing to log into Worksimple. In this scenario, the user only needs to complete authentication for the source application itself or, if his or her authentication credentials have already been cached, may be instantly logged in.


Common Use Cases

The ability to access Zapps via browser is generally used for publicly available SaaS application, such as Salesforce, where your end users may already access the source application via any internet browser. Enabling Zapp access via URL is not recommended for applications behind your firewall.


User Experience & Known Limitations


Users can navigate through your Zapp just as you would within WorkSimple; however, push notifications and native mobile functionality (e.g. click to email/call, open the device's camera/gallery, etc.) are unavailable.


When run on desktop, standard desktop-keyboard interactions, such as using Tab to navigate between fields and Enter to click a Button, are supported out-of-the-box.


Only modern browsers are supported. Please refer to this article for a complete list.


Configuring Browser-Based Access

Accessing Zapps via browser is enabled by default. To view these settings, visit the Zapp versions page for your selected Zapp. Click on the version for which you would like to enable anonymous access, and click "Advanced Environment Settings."



The setting, "This zapp requires login to Capriza," controls Zapp accessibility via browser is unchecked by default unless you select the option, "This web application is behind a firewall," when creating your Zapp.


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    This is also relevant for Windows users with no WorkSimple, so with Capriza login. 

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