Combining Zapps

Within the Capriza Dashboard, it is possible to combine a single Zapp (with only one version) with another Zapp (either a single Zapp or a stack). To combine Zapps, simply drag and drop the single Zapp onto the other Zapp.


A message asking you to confirm your action will display. Click "Move" to proceed.



Once a Zapp is added to another Zapp, the first Zapp becomes a new version of the second Zapp. The Master Zapp name, icon, description and owner are applied to the newly added Zapp. This newly added Zapp is considered a new Zapp version and the relevant version number is also applied.


If you are an Org Admin and moving a Zapp and the owner of the moved Zapp is different than the owner of the target master Zapp, you will be warned that the owner will change.


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