Restricting Designer Zapp Distribution Privileges

As detailed in the Capriza User Roles article, users with the Designer role can perform a number of key actions within the Capriza Dashboard, including:

  • Viewing and editing their own Zapps.

  • Viewing feedback for their own Zapps.

  • Reassigning ownership of their Zapps.

  • Distributing their Zapps to end users.

For an added layer of security, you may restrict Designers' distribution privileges such that they are only allowed to distribute Zapps to Groups marked as "Test." If none of the Groups in your Organization are marked as "Test," your Designers will not be able to distribute any Zapps. The option to mark Groups as "Test" will become available once the setting to restrict Designers' privileges is enabled.




Org Admins will be able to distribute Zapps to any Group within the Organization.


This setting is enabled by Capriza. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in controlling Designer Zapp distribution.

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