Handling Dynamic Tables

While Capturing a Table is a straightforward process, tables with dynamic content (i.e. rows and columns that vary based on the user's role or preferences, business process, etc.) can be challenging to strengthen properly. This article provides tips and tricks when dealing with a dynamic table to ensure it renders properly in your Zapp.


Strengthen Each Column


When dealing with a dynamic table, it is important to strengthen each column in order to indicate to the Designer how its presence or appearance may vary throughout the web application. To access the Column Strengthening menu, open the "Web Properties" dialog for the table by clicking the wrench icon in the mobile preview.



The list of columns will be displayed at the top of the "Identification" tab.



You can access each column's strengthening menu by clicking the corresponding wrench icon. Clicking the magnifying glass icon will highlight the specific column within the source application.



Within the Column strengthening menu, you should first answer the basic facts about the column, just as you would with any other control. Questions include which part of the column's text stays the same and what should be used as the column label (for columns without a clear header row).



For dynamic tables, it is especially important to make sure the relationship between the column and its header is well-defined so that the entire column moves as a single unit. To do this, make sure that the column header is set as an anchor and that the relationship type is specified as "Column Header."



Also verify the Designer's answers to the Column Presence and Empty Row questions. Given how the table may change, is it possible it may not appear in every row? Could some of the column's cells be blank? If the default answer is correct, you can also confirm the control presence answer to further strengthen the column. Please see Strengthening Basics: Facts & Anchors for more information.



Column Presence


In addition to strengthening each column, also answer facts for the table as a whole. Focus in particular on the Control presence section. If some columns are always present while others may vary, make sure these are specified appropriately.



Expert Mode


If your table still receives a red ranking after strengthening the columns and table or you run into issues while testing, expert mode features, such as Xpaths, JavaScript, CSS Selectors, etc., may be required to ensure your table renders properly on mobile. Please see the Advanced Strengthening and XPath articles for more information.


Example of Strengthening a Dynamic Table


The following video presents an example of a dynamic table and the steps required to strengthen it.




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