Tables in a Universal Micro App

Attaching a Table

Attaching a table is similar to attaching any other type of control. Click directly on a control in the mobile preview or the “Get Started”  button above the mobile preview to start the attachment wizard.



The table control type is preselected in the contextual control toolbar, and you are prompted to select the first header of the table on the web. On the Zapp app page, the first cell of the table is highlighted, indicating which mobile column will be replaced with the actual web column.



Follow the instructions in the tooltips that appear next to the mouse cursor and select a few sample cells under the selected column header to teach Capriza the structure of the table until the first column is fully selected.


Note that now the selected column from the web application replaces the dummy column on the mobile page and the next table cell is now highlighted.



Continue selecting columns until the table is fully attached.


You will then be prompted by the wizard to select a control within the table that leads to the row Details page. It will be set as a Full Row Tap Action.



You may continue grabbing additional columns if you wish. If you do, a drill page will automatically be created and all columns will be visible there. Learn more about grabbing tables in this article. 


Unique Keys


For Homegrown and less common source applications, the wizard will also prompt you to approve the unique identifiers Capriza uses to identify each table row within the web application. You will not need to complete this process for Zapp apps based on SAP, Oracle, or Salesforce.


If your Zapp micro app requires you to approve the unique keys used to identify each unique row in the table, this will be listed as an action item in the wizard. Click on the gear icon in the wizard to open the Web Properties dialog to the Identify tab.




Review the unique row identifiers listed, make any adjustments to the strengthening of each column, and click “Mark as Approved” once finished.



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