Pausing Zapp Creation

Within Simplify mode, it is possible to pause the Zapp creation process, enabling you to observe the web application's flow and functionality without adding controls and connections to your Zapp. To pause Zapp creation, find the "Zapp Creation Active" button in the top right corner of the web preview.




When hovered over, the text will change to "Stop Zapp Creation." Click the button to pause creation of your Zapp.



Once paused, a message will display in the mobile preview, noting how controls and connections can only be captured when Zapp creation is active. Mousing over any area of the web preview will display the message "Pause Mode."




You can click "Resume Zapp Creation" in the mobile preview or the Zapp Creation button again (which is displayed as a grey dot in pause mode) to begin adding to you Zapp again.

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