Configuring the User Flow Report

The User Flow report on the Home page of the Capriza Dashboard enables you to track user adoption within a particular workflow in your Zapp. To configure this report, click the "Configure Pages" button at the bottom of the panel.



A popup will surface for configuring the order of pages in your user flow. Click the up and down arrows to choose the Zapp pages and order you would like tracked. Up to five pages can be included. Once finished, click "Apply."



To view your report, mouse over each of the concentric circles in the graphic. The innermost circle will be the first page in your funnel with each subsequent page moving further toward the edge of the circle. The shaded portion of each circle indicates the percentage of users that navigated to that Zapp page from the previous one, with a fully shaded circle representing 100%. Mousing over each circle reveals a thumbnail of that Zapp page as well as the percentage of users that navigated to that page, the total number of visitors, and the average time to load the page in the past 14 days.



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