Archiving & Deleting a Zapp

You can archive and delete old versions of your Zapps to maintain a fresh, organized view within the Capriza Dashboard. This article provides a step-by-step guide of each process.


Archiving a Zapp


Archiving a Zapp enables you to remove it from the standard Zapps page view but still retain a copy in case access is needed in the future. To archive a Zapp, go to that Zapp's page within the Dashboard and click the three dots icon on the relevant Zapp version.



Select "Archive" from the dropdown menu.



The Zapp will disappear from view. To view and other archived versions, click the "Show Archived" button.



Any archived versions of that Zapp will appear. They are recognizable from their "Archived" tag.



Clicking an archived version's menu will reveal two options: Unarchive or Delete.



If you choose to unarchive the Zapp version, it will reappear in the Zapp versions menu, and you may edit, update, or clone it as normal.


Deleting a Zapp


To delete a Zapp version, open that Zapp version's menu and select the "Delete" option.



A popup will display, asking you to confirm that you wish to delete that version.



Click delete, and the selected Zapp version will be permanently deleted and will no longer display in the Dashboard.


Note: Deleting or archiving a previous Zapp version will not change subsequent version's numbers.


Archiving/Deleting Multiple Zapp Versions


You may also archive or delete several versions at once. To do so, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the Zapp version list to enter multi-select mode.



Select one or more versions to archive or delete by clicking the selector buttons to the left of each version.



Click archive or delete in the top right hand corner to archive or delete all of the selected Zapp versions at once.


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