Monitoring Errors

As with any application, Zapps will occasionally run into errors. Errors may be due to source application issues, network issues, or, as detailed in the Errors article, design gaps that lead Capriza to return a Context Not Found (CNF) error. This article covers the reporting available via the Capriza Dashboard to monitor these errors, making it easy to monitor the health of your Zapp and proactively discover any potential issues.


Zapp Errors


Zapp Error data is included in the Diagnostics tab of the Dashboard along with information on Performance.




Two graphs are included in the Errors section of the page. The first, Zapp Errors, provides the errors per day for the selected time period. Errors are broken into three categories:

  • Network Errors
  • Classified Errors: CNFs for which a custom message has been specified.
  • Unclassified Errors: CNFs for which a custom message has not been specified.



Clicking the three dots icon reveals the option to download the raw error data or manage custom errors messages. For more on managing custom error messages, please see the article here.



Zapp Errors Category Distribution


The Adoption page also provides a breakdown of errors in each category by their particular signature. A list of all error signatures as well as their total within the time period are listed. A circle graph is also included to provide a visualization of the error distribution.



Clicking on the three dots icon for any signature reveals the option to click for more details.



If clicked, a modal is surfaced with a list of each error with that signature, including the associated email address, time of error, and download button to access the error's log files.



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