Setting a Swipe Action on a Table Row

Similar to setting a tap action, the Capriza Designer enables you to specify an action that should be taken when the end user swipes a row in a table to the left. For example, the user may select a row, delete an item, etc. by swiping.

To implement a swipe action, go to Style mode and select your table. Navigate to the "Items" tab.

Drag the control you would like users to act upon via swiping and drag it into the "Swipe Actions" box. Note: Only buttons or links can be used as swipe actions.

The first time the user runs the Zapp, the first row of the table will bounce to briefly reveal that a swipe action is available. In addition, if a drill page is not used, three dots will appear at the end of the table row. In both scenarios, when the row is swiped on a mobile device or tablet, the control will be revealed, and the user can then tap the button or link to invoke the action.

Multiple swipe actions can be added to a table row. When enabled, upon swiping, the options will be displayed and the user can act upon them by tapping his selection. You can adjust the order in which these options appear by dragging and dropping them in the swipe action box in the Items tab. In addition, each swipe action button or link can be styled separately.

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