Batch Editing

Batch Editing is supported in the Capriza Designer to streamline the Styling process. To edit several control in tandem, navigate to Style mode and hold down the Shift (on PC) or Command key (on Mac OS) to select multiple controls. The Multiselect icon in the toolbar will automatically highlight.




Select all of the controls you wish to style, and the In Line Editor (ILE) will update. You may change any of the settings and the styling will be applied to all selected components.



You may select different control types, and the ILE will automatically adjust to only display those properties which the controls have in common. For example, the above screenshot is for the ILE for two buttons, so properties like background color, icon, etc. are included. The below example also includes a text field, so these options are hidden.



Controls from different pages can also be selected, allowing you to, for example, style all buttons in your Zapp at once.


If you choose to separate out tablet and mobile styles, you may also select controls from the mobile and tablet views at the same time. Please see Styling Large Form Factors for more information on optimizing your Zapp for use on tablets.


When Multi-Select mode is enabled, a small panel will appear in the bottom lefthand corner below the Pages menu, listing all controls currently selected.


Clicking the "X" next to any of the controls will remove them from the batch. You may also remove a control from the batch by holding down the Shift or Command key and clicking it again. You may also click outside the page to exit Multiselect mode.



If tablet and mobile styling is separated, tablet controls will be reflected by the label "(Tablet)" after the page's name.


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