Duplicating a Control in a Zapp

This article provides a step-by-step guide for duplicating controls and table columns within your Zapp.


Duplicating a Single Control


Sometimes you can optimize your Zapp's layout by including a control more than once on a page. For example, for a Zapp of CRM contacts, you may wish to include the name of a contact both in the header as well as in the body of the page, or, in the case of a Zapp page that includes a long list, you may wish to include the "Next" or "Select" button at both the top and bottom of the page.


To duplicate a control, navigate to Style mode and select the control you wish to copy.



Click the "Duplicate" button to right in the toolbar.



A copy of the control is created with the default style of the type of control selected. Once copied, any style can be applied to any copy and the style can be different.



By default, the duplicated control is added to the bottom of the page. You can place it anywhere you wish on the Zapp page by navigating to the "Items" tab for the page and dragging and dropping controls as appropriate. Please see Header Styling Options for instructions on adding a control to the Header.



There is no limit to the number of duplicates that can be created.


It is also important to note that  duplicated control still points to the same web element on the web application itself so interacting with either copy of the control will apply the same action on the web element.



Duplicating Columns


Columns in a table or list can also be duplicated. This is useful in cases where, for example, you wish to add a swipe action to a table but still keep the text of the action in the row itself. In the below example, the "Approve" button is set as a swipe action but we would like to also include the "Approve" text in the table.




To duplicate a column, in Style mode, select the table or list and then the column you wish to Duplicate.



The column is duplicated and you can style it as you wish.


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