Styling for Large Form Factors

Applying Styles for Large Form Factors


The Capriza Designer provides the flexibility to optimize Zapp styling for large form factors, such as tablets, in addition to the standard mobile view. To style your Zapp for large form factors, enter Style mode and look for the Tablet and Mobile icons on the left side of the toolbar.



By default, the mobile and tablet styles for each Zapp page are merged, meaning that the same look and feel will be applied across form factors. You may choose to apply separate styling by clicking the "Separate" button between the two icons. A dialog will popup explaining the results of separating form factor styles.


Click "Separate this page" to confirm your selection.


Click on the tablet and mobile icons to apply styles for each type of view. A tablet preview displays your large form factor styles just like the standard mobile preview. Remember that once form factors are separated, any styling you apply to mobile will not be reflected in the mobile design and vice versa. Make sure any common style elements are applied to both views.



You can merge tablet and mobile styles at any time by clicking the "Merge"button. A dialog will display.



Click "Merge this page" to confirm your selection. Please note that, once merged, any large form factor-specific changes you have applied will be lost.


Large Form Factor-Optimized Features


The following video demonstrates usage of many of the features included below.



The Capriza Designer includes numerous styling features especially designed for optimal user experience on large form factors. These include:

  • Container and card views of content for enhanced presentation.

  • Preset image sizes for larger screens.

  • Tablet-optimized templates for displaying table data.

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