Configuring Microsoft Azure Active Directory for Integration with Capriza

To integrate Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Capriza, the following steps are required:

  1. Login to From the list on the left, select “Active Directory”, then click on your organization’s active directory entry.

  1. Click on "Applications."

  1. Search for “Capriza.”

  1. Click “Configure single sign-on”

  1. Select “Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-On."

  1. Enter the Capriza service URL, and click the right arrow. To obtain your Capriza service URL, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

  1. Download the certificate, copy to "SAML SSO URL" and "Single Sign Out Service URLs," and send it to your Customer Success Manager. Then, check the “Confirm” box.

  1. Next, use the “Assign accounts” button to select all users that will be using Single Sign On and grant them access to the Capriza login.
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