Setting Up Monitoring by Capriza Support

This article describes Capriza's monitoring services and information you should provide to your Customer Success Manager prior to Go Live.


Capriza Monitoring

The Capriza NOC team monitors all Production Zapps and all Production runtime environments. This includes monitoring both availability of runtime agents (i.e. Firefox instances), and end-to-end service availability (i.e. the Zapp can reach the login page).

In the case that a service failure is detected by the NOC team, an alert is sent to the contact you provided (see below) with as much information as is available. In the rare case as that service failure is due to a Capriza issue, a description of the issue and estimated resolution time are provided. In the case that the issue is due to the backend application server being unreachable or unavailable, your team should address the problem and update Capriza once it is resolved.


Required Information

In order to ensure successful monitoring of your Zapp, please provide your Customer Success Manager with the following information prior to Go Live:

  • Emergency Email Contact: For service failure alerts. It is recommended to provide an alias/mailing list rather than an individual's email address. Email service alerts are sent 24/7.
  • Phone Options: If you would like to receive a phone call from our NOC team (in addition to email), please provide a phone number and availability hours (i.e. 24/7, US business hours, etc.)
  • Maintenance Windows for Application Servers: During these windows, if we notice a Zapp failure due to server unavailability, we will not send an alert. We recommend having your maintenance team of the source application to add to maintenance notifications to avoid alerts due to maintenance outside of pre-defined slots.



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