Exporting a List of All Users Using the Capriza API

Capriza provides a set of API calls that allow Admins to export certain types of information. In this article, we will cover the ability to export a list of all the users currently active in your organization.


The API call to the Capriza database is: 
---cookie "auth_token=<authentication token>"


The input parameter “authentication token” is required and should be passed in a cookie. To get the required token, please contact your Capriza Customer Success Manager. 


Note: The authentication token is unique to your user account and should be treated as highly sensitive. Never share your authentication token.


The output is a CSV file with a list of all users in the organization, providing information about each user, his or her role, and the groups the user is part of.

The fields in the output CSV file are:

  • ID - the Capriza user ID, assigned by the Capriza database once the user is created.

  • Email - the user email address

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Roles - the user’s role. Basic or Guest is a user who can sign in to WorkSimple and run zapps that are distributed to groups they belong to. Regular is a user that can also sign in to the Dashboard and create and manage Zapps. Admin is a user that can also administer the organization. For more information, see the Capriza User Roles article.

  • Group names - a list of all the groups this user belongs to.
  • Created At - the date the user was created in the Capriza database
  • Updated At - the date the user was edited in the Capriza database
  • Locked At - the date the user was locked out of WorkSimple by attempting to sign in with the wrong password too many times.

The following is an example of this API's usage:


curl -v "" 
---cookie "auth_token=_access_key_xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"
> out.csv
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