Exporting Data about Interaction Events Using the Capriza API

Capriza provides a set of API calls that allow Admins to export certain types of information. In this article we will cover how to export event tracking data. Event tracking data includes details about user interaction with controls such as buttons or links within the Zapp for one or more Zapps in your organization.


To learn more about how to enable event tracking, see the Event Tracking section.


The API call to the Capriza database is:[<zapp ids>]?rawdata=true&from=<epoch time>&until=<epoch time>&source=all 
---cookie "auth_token=<authentication token>"


The input parameter “authentication token” is required and should be passed in a cookie. To get the required token, please contact your Capriza Customer Success Manager. 


Note: The authentication token is unique to your user account and should be treated as highly sensitive.

Never share your authentication token.

Additional input parameters are:

  • zapp-ids:Comma separated list of Zapp IDs. You may either use the Master Zapp ID (which corresponds to all Production versions) or the Zapp ID for a specific version of the Zapp. Note that if you select the latter option, you must change "master-app-id" to "app-id" in the API call. To get the list of Zapp IDs, please contact your Capriza Customer Success Manager.

  • from: The beginning of the time period from which to get the usage data. The timestamp should be given in UNIX milliseconds notation (see conversion details in

  • until: The end of the time period until which to get the usage data. The timestamp should be given in UNIX milliseconds notation.

The output would be a JSON response with a list of all the runs performed using the requested Zapps during the date range given. Each event will include information about who performed the event in the specific Zapp, when and some additional data about the vent.


The fields in the output JSON response are:

  • Date - the date the event occurred.

  • Time - the time the event occurred.

  • Identity - the Capriza ID of the user who ran the Zapp

  • Email - the email address of the user who ran the Zapp

  • User name - the first and last name of the user who ran the Zapp

  • Event - the control name. Indicates which control the user interacted with in the Zapp.

  • Data - additional data associated with the event, if available.

The following is an example of this API's usage:


curl -v "[<zapp-ids>]?rawdata=true &from=<epoch time>&until=<epoch time>&source=all" 
---cookie "auth_token=_access_key_xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"
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