Button Styling Options

Several styling options for Buttons are available via the In-Line Editor (ILE) and Style mode. Available options are:

  • Presets: A variety of preset styles come preloaded in the Designer, including full circle, bordered, and light options. Please see Style Presets for more information.

    Circle Button Preset

    Bordered Button Preset

  • Display: Change the height, width, and background color of your button. (Note: By default, buttons are the primary color for your selected brand. Please see Branding for more information.)

  • Content: Choose from a library of over 600 icons to include in your button design. You can also specify the button's text and tooltip text.

  • Text: Adjust the style, alignment, size, color, case, and line height of the button's text.

  • Margins: Include margins around your button.

Buttons can also be displayed as a Floating Bar or Bubble using Groups. Please see the article on Grouping Items for more information.



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