Automation Overview

What are Automations?


Automations are business workflows that are automatically executed by Capriza when the user performs an action within a Zapp (e.g. clicking a button). Configured via the Designer, automations are intended to speed up user workflows and processes by reducing the number of manual steps the user must perform within the Zapp. They may be triggered by a page's incoming or internal connections, and may act on other controls, copy data, or navigate to another page. Please see Configuring Automations for an overview of the setup process.


Common Use Cases


Some of the most common use cases for automations include:


  • Streamlining Navigation: Zapp workflows and content are largely based on the underlying web application. However, when moving from web to mobile, the need to create simple, one minute workflows may necessitate modifying parts of the standard page flow within the source application. Automations make it possible to navigate past some pages on the user's behalf, leading to a more streamlined user experience. For example, imagine you are building a Zapp to enable Sales Managers to view their team's monthly forecast. Within the source application, this may entail logging in, navigating to the correct section of the application, and selecting the desired report. By using automations, you may create a more efficient mobile experience by performing the navigation and selection on behalf of the user.

  • Copying Data: Automations enable you to copy data between controls, reducing the number of user inputs required to perform a task. Take a sales quote Zapp as an example. In order to calculate the full cost including tax, the salesperson must input the state where the sale is taking place. The state he or she enters can automatically be passed to the billing address field, eliminating a likely redundant step in the process.

  • Personalizing Pre-Filled Values: In addition to copying data entered in real time, automations can also be used to optimize workflows on an ongoing basis by filling the most recent user-filled value. For example, instead of requiring the user to select his or her department code each time he or she needs to fill out a Purchase Requisition or a PTO request, you can automate the Zapp to enter this code.



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