AD Sync: System Requirements


The following document details the installation requirements for a standalone on-premises server to enable synchronization between LDAP/AD and the Capriza service.


Operating System Requirements


OS and Version

RedHat 6.5, 7.X; Ubuntu LTS (64-bit); Linux 64-bit; SUSE 11.X 12.X; Debian 7.X, 8.X; or CentOS 7.X


Note: For Redhat 7.2, verify the systemd package is updated to version 219-19.el7_2.4 or newer.


Make sure a Desktop Environment such as Unity/Gnome or KDE is not installed.



Two Core CPU




20 GB free local storage (non NFS) 


Accounts and Access


Required Account

Need to have root privileges (root access or sudo), bash shell configured.

Other Accounts

User “capriza” will be created during installation. Capriza software will then run under the “capriza user”. Do not create this user prior to installation.


Networking and Connectivity



Outbound connectivity on port 443 to Capriza environment:

Test the following status pages -


NOTE: Capriza will need the list of the your Internet facing (outbound) IP addresses so we can whitelist them in our service – please send the list to your Capriza technical contact prior to the installation.


Use the following commands to verify your outbound IPs  (there may be more than one):



Connectivity to your Active Directory is required for read only access.


Configuration Information


Active Directory sync utility will be installed on prem and can be scheduled to run periodically based on the organization’s needs.


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