Validating User Inputs

In many applications, there is some validation of user input in text fields to make sure mandatory fields are filled, number fields do not contain text, etc.


Capriza is able to detect this validation in the web application and reflect the invalid fields indicators in the Zapp. For example, a text field may become red and a red error message may be displayed under it.



In certain systems, such as Salesforce and SAP, Capriza will automatically detect this input validation and reflect it in the Zapp. In other systems, you may turn this option on for each input field in your Zapp, where applicable.


For source applications where errors are not automatically detected (e.g. custom applications), you may also manually enable input validation. To do so, click the wrench icon of the control you want to monitor, and navigate to the Properties tab. Toggle the "Monitor Error State" control to on.



Then, select an error state retrieval method from the dropdown.



Four methods are available for error state retrieval:

  • HTML Native: Pulls the error message directly from the HTML associated with the control.
  • Class: Identities the error message based on DOM element class.
  • XPath: Locates the error message based on its XPath within the DOM.
  • Override: Enables you to insert a custom message using JavaScript.




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