Email-Triggered Notifications

If your source application is already configured to send email notifications to users (e.g. "You have three approvals pending!"), these same notifications can be leveraged to trigger push notifications in WorkSimple by BCCing Capriza. This article covers the configuration steps for Email-triggered notifications.


The Process


Email-triggered notifications are configured by Capriza. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in configuring this type of notification.


To initiate the configuration process, Capriza will require a number of assets from you relating to notification content and settings. Once provided, a Capriza technical resource will perform the configuration, and your Customer Success Manager will provide you with a unique email address for this notification, which should be added as a BCC to any email that is sent by the backend application to the user (e.g. ).


Required Assets


E-mail-triggered push notifications can take variables from the email message fields (subject, header, body) and inject them into a personalized notification as described here. You should specify to Capriza Customer Success Manager which parts of those email fields should be dynamically placed in the push notification and how they can be extracted in a formalized manner.


Parameters to be provided for the setting up of email-triggered push notification are:

  • Notification title (static part) (Note: This can be left empty if fully dynamic)

  • Notification subtitle (static part) (Note: This can be left empty if fully dynamic)

  • Zapp name

  • Zapp url suffix (static part) (Optional, only needed if configured during Zapp creation)

  • Description (Optional, not part of the push notification)

  • Variables to be pulled from email message and formalized rules for their extraction.

In the example below, the notification will include dynamic variables in its title and subtitle, and a parametrized Zapp url suffix for direct-link start URL.


Example for Email push notification setup with dynamic variables

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