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What are Cards?


Cards offer a consolidated and actionable view of selected key metrics from various business applications. Giving each user a hub to easily access all of the important information for their day, increasing the visibility your users have to the things that ultimately drive your business.


Each Card can be tapped on to link directly into the full-featured Zapp. Additionally, notable changes to the Cards can trigger a push notification to actively alert the user to the updated information.


When enabled, Cards are displayed on the Home page of WorkSimple and will be the first thing end users view when opening the application.




Each Card includes the Zapp name, Zapp icon, followed metric's value, metric label, time the metric was last updated, and, if enabled, trending information.



Configuring Cards


Configuring a Card is available as an option when setting up Push Notifications. Please refer to the article Following/Unfollowing Metrics for additional details on configuring push notifications.


To configure a Card, click the wrench icon for the control you wish to follow, and navigate to the "Alerts" tab in the resulting dialog.



First, toggle on the option "Follow this control", then toggle on the option "Enable Cards in WorkSimple."



If the control is a number, you can also track by how much the metric changes. First, toggle on "The content of the control is a number."



Then, enable "Show indication of value change trend".



Choose from the dropdown whether a value increase is "good" or "bad."



The Card will now include by how much the metric has changed since the last update and be displayed in green (good change) or red (bad change).



It is possible to follow multiple controls on the Most Valuable Page (MVP) of a Zapp. If multiple controls are followed, multiple cards will display in WorkSimple.




Configuring the look and feel of the Cards is currently not available.


Managing Cards in WorkSimple


You can hide/unhide Cards within WorkSimple (Note: This option is only available for Zapp built on version 15 or newer). Simply tap the three dot icon on the upper right hand corner of the card you wish to hide and tap "Hide."




WorkSimple will ask you to verify your selection. You can disable future instances of this message by checking "Do not show me this again" before tapping "Hide."




A previously hidden card can be unhidden at any time. Go to Settings in the lefthand side menu.




Select the relevant Zapp from the list.




Toggle on "Show card on homepage."




If the user hides all available Cards, an empty screen message will display, including a link to the Settings page for easier access for unhiding cards.



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