Time-Based Notifications

Push Notifications within WorkSimple can be configured to display at a particular date/time and repeat as required, providing an easy way to remind employees of key tasks, make announcements, and drive Zapp adoption. This article details how to implement Time-Based Notifications and some of the most common use cases.


Implementing Time-Based Notifications

Time-Based Notifications are implemented via the Capriza Dashboard. To implement a time-based notification, navigate to the "Notify" page in the Dashboard.

Click "New Notification." Two options are offered:

  • New Notification with Zapp
  • New Notification to Group


The first option, New Notification with Zapp, enables you to send Time-Based Notifications to all users of a particular Zapp while New Notification to Group sends a notification to all users in a particular group, which may represent a subset of users of a particular Zapp, a group with access to multiple Zapps, etc. Please see Managing Groups for more information.


Click your desired notification type. A dialog will appear.



For Notification with Zapp, the following fields should be completed:

  • Name: The notification's name. This will display within the Capriza Dashboard for easy reference.

  • Description: A description of the notification. Note that this description is only included in the Capriza Dashboard.

  • Push Notification Title: The title of the push notification as it will display on the user's device.

  • Push Notification Body: The body of the push notification as it will display on the user's device.

  • Zapp: The Zapp that will launch when the push notification is tapped by the user. The Dashboard will automatically suggest Zapps as you type into the textbox.


Then, select the notification frequency. Three options are offered: Weekly, Monthly, and Once.


For "Send Weekly," select the days of the week the alert should repeat, the end date (or never), and the time the notification should be sent.


Note: The time a notification is sent is based on each user's timezone (as detected on his or her mobile device). Therefore, if a notification is set to send at 4 PM, an employee in London will receive the notification at 4 PM GMT and an employee in California will receive it at 4 PM GMT -8.



For "Send Monthly," choose the day of the month the notification should repeat, end date (or never), and time at which the notification should be sent.



The "Send Once" option is useful for making one time announcements to your user base (e.g. "The company Holiday Party will be 12/10 at 5 PM!"). To enable this type of notification, choose the day and time at which the notification should be sent.



For the "Notification with Group" option, the fields are identical except for, instead of choosing a Zapp, a list of Groups is provided. Click on a group's name to add its users to the list of notification recipients.



 Watch how to implement time-based notifications below.


Editing & Deleting Notifications


You can edit or delete a notification by clicking the three dots icon to the right of any notification on the Notify page.



Example Use Cases


  • Review Opportunities (Weekly)
  • Update Forecast (Weekly)
  • Progress Toward Quota (Monthly)

Field Delivery & Fulfillment

  • Number of Deliveries Assigned (Daily- Morning)
  • Progress Toward Weekly Delivery Goals (Daily)


  • Submit Weekly Report
  • Submit Annual Performance Reviews


  • Submit Timesheet for the Week
  • Company Holiday

Field Support & Maintenance

  • Number of Tasks Assigned (Daily- Morning)
  • Progress Toward Weekly Goal (Daily)
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