How to Create a Zapp

To begin the Zapp building process, visit the Capriza Dashboard and click "New Zapp."

Capriza will then prompt you to choose from one of our Zapp Templates or begin with a Blank Zapp.


Once you make your selection, Capriza will prompt you to enter details about your Zapp.


Required information includes:

  1. Title: This is what you will use to identify the Zapp on your device as well as in the Capriza Dashboard.

  2. Description: Provide a description of the workflow that this Zapp represents (e.g. “Purchase Order Approvals”).

  3. Web Address: Point the Capriza Designer to your target application by providing the web address.

  4. Firewall Information: Finally, you need to tell the Capriza Designer whether your application is behind a firewall or not. If your web application is behind a firewall or on your corporate network, make sure that the box is checked. If this is the first Zapp you are creating for this source application, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance with setting up remote access to allow the Capriza Designer to access your application.

Click "Go" to launch the Capriza Designer and begin building your Zapp.

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