This article provides an overview of how to capture Zapp feedback, which consists of logs and screenshots generated by the Capriza platform. Feedback is divided into two types:

  • End User Feedback: Feedback sent via a Zapp or WorkSimple to aid your internal team and/or the Capriza Support team in debugging your Zapp.
  • Designer Feedback: Feedback sent to Capriza to help troubleshoot Zapp building issues and improve our platform.


End User Feedback


End users can provide feedback can be sent in two ways:

  1. Zapp Feedback: When you or an end user encounter an error within your Zapp, you can send feedback by entering the left hand menu (called "My Profile") and selecting "Send Feedback." Note: You must be in the Zapp on the page with the error to send Feedback.


  1. Store Feedback: Store feedback refers to feedback sent from WorkSimple. As with regular Zapps, feedback is sent via the left hand "My Profile" menu.

The following overview demonstrates how to leave and review end user feedback.



Designer Feedback


Feedback can also be sent via the Designer to help Capriza debug issues that arise during the Zapp Building process. You can send Designer Feedback by clicking the speech bubble icon in the upper right hand corner of the Designer.


Reviewing Feedback


Email Alerts


Zapp Feedback automatically triggers an email alert to the Zapp owner.


For Store Feedback, Org Admins are automatically alerted. You may also designate a separate list of users to receive email alerts. Please notify your Customer Success Manager, who will configure these alerts on your behalf.


Feedback can be downloaded from these email alerts by clicking the link provided.


Designer Feedback automatically creates a ticket for the Capriza Support team, who will then investigate the issue.




Zapp Feedback can be accessed via the Feedback tab in the Zapps section of the Dashboard. Only Org Admins and the owner of the particular Zapp can access feedback.


Each feedback can be downloaded by clicking the cloud icon to the right. Selecting the yellow C icon will forward the feedback to Capriza Support.


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