Event Tracking

What is Event Tracking?


Event Tracking enables you to track any user action within a Zapp, such as tapping a button or link. It is intended to serve as a tool for better understanding user interaction with the Zapp and evaluating Zapp success.


By default, Event Tracking counts the number of times an action takes place. Advanced configuration options enable you to also add a variable to each event allowing you to, for example, track approval of different discount levels (i.e. 10%, 20%, 30%, etc.). Please see Tracking Events via Scripting for more information.


What is a Conversion Event?


While the number of unique users or the number of runs provides some insight into Zapp usage within your organization, these metrics often do not indicate if users are in fact performing the tasks and workflows for which the Zapp is intended. For example, many users may run an Approvals Zapp but few items may actually be approved.


You may track many events within your Zapp, but those events that indicate a successful Zapp run (e.g. submit, accept, reject, etc.) are considered a special type of event- a Conversion Event. You can mark an event as a conversion event as part of the setup process. Please refer to Implementing Event Tracking for more information.


Common Events


 The following table illustrates some common events by Zapp use case. Conversion events are indicated with an asterisk (*).


 Zapp Use Case Type

 Sample Conversion Events

 Support & Maintenance

  • Logging a maintenance request*
  • Logging a field inspection report*
  • Marking a maintenance request as complete*
  • Accessing support documentation

 Sales Enablement

  • Generating a quote*
  • Logging an opportunity*
  • Updating an opportunity*
  • Approving a discount*

 Fulfillment & Revenue Recognition

  • Activating a product*
  • Marking an order as delivered*
  • Approving a purchase order*
  • Logging customer signoffs*

 Employee Self-Service

  • Logging a PTO request*
  • Approving a PTO request*
  • Submitting a timesheet*
  • Viewing a paystub


Available Analytics


Please see Zapp-Level Statistics for an overview of available event-related metrics.


Implementing Event Tracking


Please see Implementing Event Tracking and Tracking Events via Scripting for a detailed guide on implementing event tracking.

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