Parts of the Platform

The Capriza platform can be divided into four main parts: Dashboard, Designer, WorkSimple and Runtime.


The web-based Capriza Dashboard enables you to manage all aspects of your Capriza implementation, including:

  • Configuring internal user accounts;
  • Creating zapps;
  • Publishing zapps;
  • Managing user groups and distribution lists.


The dashboard also includes both global and zapp-specific statistics around users, zapp runs, events, and other key metrics to help you evaluate adoption.




The Capriza Designer enables you to transform enterprise applications into simple, mobile workflows with no coding or access to APIs. Once installed, you can simply navigate through the web application as normal, guiding the Capriza Designer along the way. Capriza understands the your inputs and translates the controls and content you interact with into a mobile workflow in real-time.



Using the designer, you can also style, test, and ultimately publish your zapp.



WorkSimple is a hybrid app available on iOS and Android that enables end users to access the Zapps that are published to them. WorkSimple also makes it possible to extend additional native mobile functionality, such as push notifications, to Zapps and integrates with existing enterprise investments such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and Single Sign On (SSO) platforms (e.g. SAML, etc.).  WorkSimple can also house non-Capriza apps, allowing your end users to access all work-related applications and workflows from a single location.





The Runtime is the core architectural component of Capriza's backend via which Zapps execute. The Runtime consist of secure headless browsers that access your business applications via a desktop browser. When a Zapp launches, Capriza leverages the inputs provided via the Designer to translate the desktop application accessed by the headless browser into a mobile-first experience for the end user.


 The Runtime also optimizes performance globally, handles SSO including Kerberos, and ensures all application and data security is inherited and contained. It may reside in the Capriza Cloud or behind your corporate firewall. (See Architecture Overview for a breakdown of available configuration options.)

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