Intro to Capriza

Capriza is a SaaS solution that mobile-enables the most critical workflows from any enterprise application, including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and custom-built systems. In today's mobile-dominated world, Capriza makes it possible to deliver simple workflows that employees, customers, and partners can access from anywhere. Traditional systems that have developers create apps for users, often lead to lengthy and costly implementations. In contrast Capriza empowers users to create tailored app experiences based on existing workflows and business tasks for their specific needs. This delivers an unmatched user experience where apps become an extension of how people work, leading to higher engagement, and increased productivity.



Modernize Legacy Applications


Capriza is application agnostic, allowing you to mobilize any HTML-based application. Zapps can be accessed on any device- mobile, tablet, and desktop-to power a truly mobile workforce.

No Business Disruption


 Zapps are created using the browser-based Capriza Designer with no coding, APIs, or upgrades required. This approach makes it possible to quickly build mobile workflows without first needing to hire mobile developers or UX experts. Business flows and logic are automatically inherited from the source application, enabling you to leverage existing customizations.


The Most Secure Way to Go Mobile


With no end user data stored on the mobile device and end-to-end encryption, Capriza is the most secure way to make enterprise software applications mobile. Integration with leading Mobile Device Management platforms is also supported, and Capriza is ISO 27001-certified.

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