Managing Groups

Org Admins for a specific organization are able to create groups and determine which users belong to the group.

Creating a Group


To create a new group in the organization, open the Dashboard, navigate to the Users section, and select the Groups tab.



Click on the New Group link in the top right area and enter the group details in the New Group dialog, including name and description.




To add users to the group, enter a comma-separated list of users.


If the users already exist in the organization, the autocomplete dropdown will provide a list of possible users. If the user does not exist, enter the user's email address and the user will be created when the group is saved.


Alternatively, you can import a CSV file with the list of users to be added to the group by clicking on the import button to the right of the input box and selecting the desired file. Details on generating the CSV file can be found here.



New users that do not yet exist in the organization will be created when the new group is saved.


Managing Groups


Once a group is created, as an Org Admin you can:

  • Edit the group details
  • Add or remove members
  • Delete the entire group
  • Download the list of members.

To perform any of these actions, click the three dots icon on the right side of the group's row in the list view and select the desired action from the dropdown.


The All Group


A special group called "All" is always created for each organization once the first user is added.


This group is automatically created and cannot be deleted or edited. The group contains all the users that are part of the organization and each new user automatically belongs to this group.


You can always view or download the members list.




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