Managing Users

Org Admins for a specific organization are able to create users and determine which capabilities each user may have. Users may only be allowed to sign in to WorkSimple and use Zapps or may be given additional permissions to create and manage Zapps.

Creating a User


To create a new users in the organization, open the Dashboard and navigate to the Users section.



Click on the New User dropdown and select New User.



Enter the new user information such as email and name, select the user role and select the groups to which the user should belong. Once finished, click Save.

The user is added and should be able to sign in to WorkSimple and user the assigned Zapps.


Creating Multiple Users


As an Org Admin you can also create multiple users at once.


Open the Dashboard, navigate to the Users section and select Multiple New Users from the New User dropdown.


To create multiple users, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses in the input box and press enter.



You can also import a list of users from a CSV file. Click on the import icon to the right of the input box and select the desired file. Once the list is added to the input field, press Enter to add the list of users.



Details on how to generate the CSV file can be found here.


The first and last names of the added users can be edited inline, in the Multiple New Users dialog.


Click the 'x' icon next to a new user name to remove the user from the list.


You can add all the new users to a few groups at once by selecting the desired groups below.



Click Save to add all the new users listed. 


Managing Users


Once a user is created, as an Org Admin, you can perform several actions:

  • Edit user details (with the exception of email address, which cannot be changed)
  • Reset the user's password (via email)
  • Delete the user
  • Unlock the user's account (in case of too many failed attempts to log into WorkSimple)
  • Revoke access, which will close all of the user's current sessions (e.g. in the case that a device is lost or stolen), requiring him to re-authenticate into WorkSimple.

To perform these actions, click the three dots icon in the user's row within the list view and select the desired action.



When viewing the list of users, you can filter the view by selecting the desired type of users from the dropdown in the upper left hand corner.




To learn more about user roles, check out the Capriza User Roles article


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