Capriza User Roles

This article describes the different types of user roles in Capriza. Users and Groups are managed via the Capriza Dashboard.


Basic user

Basic users can sign into the WorkSimple app and run Zapps that were distributed to groups to which the user belongs.

Basic users can be created by an Org Admin (see below) in the Dashboard or when a user with an email address with a registered domain signs into WorkSimple using Instant Login or Quick Login.



A Designer is a Basic user with additional capabilities.

A Designer can also sign in to the Capriza Dashboard where he or she can view the organization's usage information and create and manage her own zapps within the organization. A Designer can distribute his or her Zapps to the relevant user groups within the org, view individual Zapp adoption stats, and receive user feedback about his or her Zapps.


To enable collaboration and oversight, Designer privileges can also be increased to enable an individual Designer user to view and edit all Zapps within the Organization, regardless of whether or not he or she is the owner of that Zapp.


Designer distribution privileges can also be restricted for an additional layer of security. Please see this article for more information.


A basic user can be changed to a Designer by the Org Admin in the Dashboard. Permissions can be augmented by selecting the "Allow designer to edit all Zapps in this org" checkbox.



Org Admin


An Org Admin is a Designer with additional capabilities.


An Org Admin can manage users and groups within the organization. He or she can create users, add them to groups, delete users, reset users' password, or unlock locked users (a user gets locked after several failed attempts to sign in to WorkSimple).


An Org Admin is able to view all  Zapps in the organization, edit or create new versions, change attributes, and even reassign Zapps to other owners. He or she can also modify the organization's primary and additional Brands.


A user can be changed to an Org Admin by another Org Admin in the Dashboard or by a Capriza Customer Success representative.


In summary, the breakdown of different privileges between user types is as follows:



Basic User


Head Designer

Org Admin

Access WorkSimple

Run Zapps (assigned to their distribution groups)

Access Dashboard


Distribute Own Zapps


Edit Own Zapps


View Feedback about Own Zapps


Reassign Ownership of Own Zapps


Edit All Zapps


Distribute All Zapps


View All Feedback


Create & Manage Users/Groups


Reassign Zapp Owners


Create/Manage Org Admin Users


Edit Primary and Additional Brands


To learn more about creating and managing users and groups in the Dashboard, check out the Managing Users and the Managing Groups articles.


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