Implementing Event Tracking

To track user events in the Zapp, for example, button clicks, in Simplify Mode, open the Web Properties tab of the control you wish to track.




Hover over the desired control, select the little wrench icon that appears in the black toolbar and navigate to the Properties tab.




Turn on "Track user events".


Give the control a meaningful name so when viewing the tracking information, you know what to look for.




If you close the panel without entering a name, the tracking option will be turned off by default.


If your event is a conversion event (e.g. accept, reject, submit, etc.), toggle on the "Conversion event" option.




Please see the below video for a demonstration of how to implement Event Tracking.



To view the events information, go to the Adoption tab in the Zapp details page in the Dashboard and scroll down to the Events section.



For more information, please see Event Tracking and Tracking Events via Scripting.


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