Inserting a Control into Each Table Row

It is possible to take a control that appears only once on the web page and insert it as a new column in a table, thus creating a duplicate of this control in every row.

This functionality can be useful in cases where the control that takes action upon the row is placed outside the table on the web page and making it part of the row itself would lead to a better mobile user experience.

A common example would be a table that lists pending approvals where the Approve or Reject buttons are outside of the table and you wish to use those buttons in the row swipe action area.

To insert a control into a table, go to Style mode.

Select the table, and go to the Items tab.


Scroll down to the bottom of the Items tab and click on Duplicate control into 'Table'.

Select the control you wish to insert (or duplicate) and then style it as you wish.



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