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Business Alerts and Cards proactively inform your end users of changes to KPIs via WorkSimple. This article will cover the basics of how to implement these alerts by following and unfollowing metrics.


Following Metrics


To enable Business Alerts and Cards for your users in WorkSimple, open your Zapp in the Designer and navigate to the first page of the Zapp (after login and after the initial automations). This page is designated as the MVP (Most Valuable Page).


Hover over the control for which you would like to enable business alerts and click on the wrench icon in the small toolbar that appears.



In the panel that opens, select the Alerts tab and toggle "Follow this control."


Once enabled, the Alerts tab will populate with additional fields and settings you can configure.



First, enter a display name for the control you wish to track. This name will be included in the push notification or Card. If the control is a table or list, you will also be asked to enter Item Names for the items displayed in the table or list.


The following video demonstrates each of these steps.


Push Notification Options


"Enable push notifications" will allow the user to receive a push notification whenever this item changes. Several configurations are available within the push notifications section.


Firstly, you can specify what notification settings the user can control within WorkSimple. The user personalization settings can either be None, which will only allow the user to follow or unfollow this metric or Frequency (default) which will allow the user to also select how often to be notified of changes (either whenever the change occurs, once a day, or once a week).


If the control is a number, "User settings personalization" can also be set to Threshold. The user will then be able to specify at which threshold they wish to be notified. By default, thresholds are configured as a percentage of the current number.



Note: You must first enable the setting "The content of this control is a number."


You can also customize the default notification message by editing the Title and Subtitle fields. You can use the variables in parentheses to construct a new message. Click the page icon to preview the notification.




Business Alerts for Tables


 If the control you wish to track is a Table, you can also choose what types of changes should trigger a notification using the "Notify when" setting.


The options are:

  • Number of Rows Changed: This option will trigger a notification if the number of rows in the table changes. This setting is best for use cases where the absolute number of items is indicative of a change that would interest the user. For example, for a Current Sales Opportunities Zapp, the user may wish to be alerted if the number of opportunities goes up or down.

    You may also choose to only receive alerts if the number of rows increases by turning on the "Notify only if number of rows increases"  setting.

  • New Row Added: Notifies the user if a row is added to the table, even if the number of rows remains the same. This is especially useful for Approvals Zapps or other task lists where the number of pending items could be the same but new requests could be included in the table.

    To make sure Capriza can identify when a new row is added to the table, rows need to be uniquely identified. A row can be uniquely identified by selecting a single column with a unique identifier such as an ID or a combination of columns that create that uniqueness.

    To configure the unique row identifier, go to the IDENTIFY tab in the same dialog and select the 'star' icons next to each column name that should be included as a unique row identifier.

  • Specific Column Equals Value: When enabled, notifications will only be triggered when the specified column changes. Choose the column you wish to follow from the dropdown.

You can also choose the specific column values for which you would like users to receive alerts. For example, if you are tracking the "Status" column of a PTO Request or Expense Entry Zapp, you may only wish to notify the end user if the status changes to "Approved" or "Rejected" and not other potential values, such as "Forwarded" or "Cancelled." Use commas to separate each value you would like to trigger a notification.


When the "New Row Added" or "Specific Column Equals Value" options are chosen, an aim icon is also included next to the Notification Subtitle field to enable you to select variables to include in the notification message directly from the web page.



The items available for inclusion in the notification message are highlighted in green. One item can be added at a time.





"Enable cards in WorkSimple" will create a Card in WorkSimple and display the value of this item in the Home page of the app. Please see the Cards article for more information.


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