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The Image control enables you to insert a custom image into your Zapp that does not exist in the web application. To add a custom image, select the Image option from the Insert dropdown.




You may insert an image from a URL or your computer. Recently used photos and photos already used within the Zapp are also made available within the dialog.





Note: When uploading an image from your computer to the Capriza cloud, the uploaded image will be resized to 3 available image sizes: Small (175px), Medium (350px) and Large (700px). You can choose which image size you want to use in the image In Line Editor (ILE).




This is useful for optimizing performance for small and large form factors. You can choose the small image size for mobile devices and the large image size for large form factors.


Once you insert a static image, it can be edited and styled like any other image in the Zapp. Please see Image Styling Options for more information.



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