Text & Label Styling Options

This article provides an overview of available styling options for text and labels.


Text Styling Options


Text can be customized via the In Line Editor (ILE) or Style mode. Available options are:

  • Presets: The Designer comes loaded with preset styles for Headlines, Section Headers, Detail text, etc. to enable you to easily adjust text to fit its placement within the Zapp page. 

  • Tap Action: Make your Zapp more interactive by enabling different actions when the taps the text control. Available settings are as follows:
    • No Action
    • Auto Detect (Default)
    • Click to Call
    • Launch Map
    • Send Email




Please see Mobile First Features for more information on these options and other native mobile functionality.

  • Content: Specify text that will appear in a tooltip when the text control is tapped. (Note: This feature is intended for Zapps that will be run on desktop or on mobile devices that have accessibility options enabled.)

  • Text: Change the text's size, font, color, alignment, line height, and case. 

  • Margins: Set margins along each side of the text control.

Label Styling Options


Each control in the Zapp can have a label, which is a text describing the purpose of the specific control.


Label text is completely customizable via the In-Line Editor (ILE) including font size, line height, color, and style.



Aside from the text, labels also have a position which can be either to the left of the control, on top of it (aligned to the left) or below it (aligned to the left).


When a label is positioned to the left of the control, you can also choose the width of the label, or the number of pixels the label takes.



To modify the label, open the ILE of the control and select the Properties tab. Enable the label option and select the desired position, width, and font options.

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