Set Tap Action on the Entire Table Row

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There are cases where you may wish to trigger a certain action when a user taps on a row in a table or a list.  By default, tapping a row takes the user to the drill page of that row if there are more items in the row than is possible to display on the top level. You can choose to set a different action to be taken when the row is tapped. For example, you may wish a tap to lead the user to an Edit Details page for the data in that row.

To set a different row action, grab a table or a list where one of the columns is the action you would like to enable. Then navigate to Style mode.

Navigate to the In Line Editor (ILE) for the Table.


Navigate to the Items tab in the Table ILE, and in the Full Row Tap section, select the action you would like to set on the row.

Further configurations are also available via templates. For example, you may choose whether or not to have the control visible in the top row of the table or choose to show it only on the drill page. Please see Table Style Properties for more information.

Note: If the row includes elements that are also clickable (for example, the drill page button or an element that is a link), those will take precedence over the full row tap action. That is, if the user taps on the clickable element in the row, the associated action will be taken. Only when a user taps an area of the row that is not clickable itself, will the row action be executed.



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