Personalized automation: Automation using last user-entered value

Zapps that include a form of some kind, either a search box, dropdown, or a full form to be filled out, may sometimes require the user to enter the same information every time he or she runs the Zapps.


Personalized automation allows you to define an automation that takes the last value the user entered or selected and automatically fill that in for the user the next time he or she runs the Zapp.


For example, if the user must enter the same project ID every time they fill out their timesheet, you can define an automation that pre-fills that project ID after the user has entered it once.


The last value the user entered is cached and used next time the user runs the Zapp.


To define personalized automation, select Automate Page from the page options menu, create a new automation and in the automation step you want to define, select "Fill Last Entered Value."




This is also available for list boxes such as dropdowns, menus, multiselectors, etc.



There are additional options available once this automation option is selected.


You can define what is the default expected value and if the value found on the web application page is the same, this automation step will be skipped.


You can also decide to abort the entire automation flow if this automation step is skipped. This automation step can be skipped either if the default value was found or if no cached value is available.



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