Global Connections

Connections between pages in a Zapp define the different flows within a Zapp. Most incoming connections are well defined and in most cases, a page is loaded due to a certain action a user has taken in the Zapp, such as clicking a submit button.


There are some cases, however, when a page can pop up without any defined trigger or action the user has taken. For example, a general error occurred in the source application, a chat window popped up, a notification message appeared, or a timeout led to a login modal.


In these cases, or similar, you may want to capture the page and define it as a global connection, which means the page can appear at any time and should be considered when evaluating possible matching pages to show the Zapp user.


To enable a global connection, select Configure Connections from the page options menu and enable Global connections in the Incoming tab.




Enabling global connection does not delete any existing incoming connections, but hides them and overrides them. Disabling global connection will reinstate any defined incoming connections.


Note: This definition is not suitable for a page that is common to several use cases, such a lookup dialog or confirmation dialog. In these cases, it is better to create the direct incoming connections to the common page since the actions that lead to that page are well defined.


If a page is defined as a global connection, it will be indicated at the bottom of the mobile emulator by a blue circle with four arrows pointing inward.



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