Configuring a Lookup Cache

The lookup control enables the user to lookup possible values that can be entered in the text field. It can either be read only (i.e. the user chooses a value that is then input into the text field) or allow for user-inputted values.


When the lookup text field is not read only, text caching is enabled by default. Only the value that is input into the lookup field and selected by the user is cached. The more results are selected, the more values are added to the cache.




When the cache is populated with values that are frequently used by the user, the need to open the lookup is becomes redundant and the interaction with the zapp becomes much more efficient.


Enhanced Lookup Caching


When clicking on the lookup icon, most lookups lead to a separate page that displays a list or table of search results. These results include the value that will be populated in the lookup field as well as additional details that describe the value.


The lookup cache can be configured to retain those additional details and display them to the user, making it easier for him or her to understand the cached values.


To enable advanced lookup cache:

  1. Grab a lookup and then grab the associated list or table of search results
  2. Click the wrench icon for the table and navigate to the the Properties tab. Toggle on the option: "Enable advanced cache for associated lookup."




  1. A pop up dialog should appear, asking you whether you would like to associate this table with a certain lookup field in the previous page. Select Yes to enable this association.




  1. Select the description columns that you would like to appear in the cached entries (see an example of additional description in the small grey print in the screenshot above)



You can also specify a "Value Column." This will appear to the right of the description column(s).




The below video shows a step by step example of this configuration.


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