Copying data from one control and pasting it in another control

Automations are business workflows that are automatically executed by Capriza when the user performs an action within a Zapp (e.g. clicking a button). In addition to making Zapp navigation easier, automations can also be leveraged in order to copy data from one control to another, saving the user time.


To enable this workflow, create an automation on the page into which you wish to paste the value. Set the correct "IF" condition (e.g. page loads from any connection, internal connection, etc.) and, for the automation step, select the control into which the data will be pasted. Refer to Configuring Automations for detailed instructions.


Next, find the name of the control from which you wish to copy the value. This can be found by opening the web properties dialog for the control, which is accessed by clicking the wrench icon. The control name will be displayed in the dialog's header in brackets. See Naming a Control for more information.


The source control can be any type of control except a table, list, or image. The control you paste the value into can be anything into which the user can input a value (i.e. text input, password, dropdown, etc.). Data cannot be copied into a table or list.



In the automation step "Fill  Value" field, place the control unique name and the data property in double curly brackets (e.g. {{Textbox10.text}}).



As opposed to creating a similar automation via scripting, copying data using the curly brackets methods allows you to select data from any web control in the Zapp. Scripting only supports controls on the current Zapp page.


Please see Advanced Automation Features for more information.


Example Use Case


Automation can be used to fill in a search box with a contact name that appeared on a previously visited contact details page where the unique name of the control was "contactName." To do so, simply create an automation for the search page as described above and, in the automation step, include {{contactName.textContent}} for value to be used in the search box.

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