Benefits of Using WorkSimple

Benefits of Using WorkSimple


Imagine your company where employees, partners, and customers are unrestricted by the complexity of technology systems. Where they are able to complete a needed task in a minute’s time, wherever they are, on any device. People are truly empowered, mobilized, agile, and able to self-serve. It’s where these powerful minutes of productivity become the competitive advantage. When this is how your business runs, you will have transformed to a One-Minute EnterpriseTM.


Each WorkSimple app is personalized to each user, presenting only the Zapps that matter to that individual. The result allows users to work productively without even considering which application they’re using.


For this reason, WorkSimple is the recommended method for access Zapps. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. Key benefits include:

  • Branding: Add your company logo and color palette to WorkSimple’s main Zapp container to give your users a look and feel that aligns with your company branding.

  • Native Phone Features: WorkSimple also serves as a gateway for Zapps to be able to use native features. These include barcode scanning, advanced location services, calendar and contacts integration for sending emails or SMSs, and more.

  • Push Notifications: Push Notifications allow your business applications to actively work for your users, providing each person with alerts about updates to key information or attention to vital tasks. Ensuring your users receive just-in-time information and tasks helps them focus on the most important items to drive business efficiency.


User Interface Optimization

In addition, WorkSimple automatically optimizes the user interface based on the number of Zapps your organization has distributed to a particular user. For a user with more than four Zapps in WorkSimple, Zapps are displayed as tiles. For users with four Zapps or fewer, Zapps are displayed as an entire row.

If a user does not currently have any Zapps in WorkSimple (likely due to entering the incorrect email address), appropriate messaging is provided.


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