Resolving Connection Conflicts

When defining outgoing connections, occasionally the same control can lead to two similar pages, making it difficult for Capriza to know which one to choose. In this situation, the Designer will alert you that there is a conflict and provide the opportunity for you to resolve it. This article describes how to recognize and resolve conflicts.


Recognizing Conflicts


Connection conflicts are indicated in several places within the Designer, including the Configure Connections menu and a warning message beneath the mobile emulator.



When navigating through your Zapp, the Designer will also automatically notify you if a conflict is encountered and provide the option to resolve it.


Resolving Conflicts Using Rules


While Strengthening can also help to resolve conflicts, the best way to deal with connection conflicts if by using Rules. The Rules UI is accessed by clicking the "Resolve" option in either the Configure Connections menu or when prompted in the Designer.


You may then define a condition or conditions (called "If" statements) under which each page should appear. The most effective type of condition is a control that is unique to the selected page.


The following video illustrates an example of how to use rules to resolve conflicts.



Applying Rules to Other Connections


Rules can also be reused throughout a Zapp to deal with similar connection conflicts by selecting "Import Existing Rules" within the Rules UI. The following video provides an example of such a scenario.



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