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Within the Capriza Dashboard, the Brand page allows Org Admins to define a Primary Brand and multiple additional brands to be reflected throughout your WorkSimple App and in Zapps. Brands are comprised of a title, primary and secondary colors, your logo in two formats, and a header image for the WorkSimple app.



To add your brand, please fill out the following fields.

  • Name: Choose a name that reflects the identity of your brand (this is usually just your company or department name). This will be used as the nickname of this brand in the Designer when styling Zapps.

  • Primary Color: The primary color will be used as the header color in your WorkSimple app and the default header color in all of your Zapps. In addition, it will be used as the default color for buttons and other elements in the Zapp.

    The best way to set this color is by entering the Hex value of your company or department brand color. Consult with your marketing or brand team to get the correct values.

  • Secondary Color: The secondary color is currently used only as an alternative header color in your Zapps. As with the primary color, it is recommended to use an exact Hex value for this color to match your company or department colors.

  • Header Logo: Upload a white version of your company logo, which will appear in the header of your WorkSimple app. We recommend using a PNG image that is 200 X 80px and has a transparent background. Use the draggable bar below the image to adjust the scale of your logo in the application header. Once uploaded, you can always click on this image later to upload a new image.

  • Cover Photo: Upload a high resolution photo or image to be shown in the top section of your WorkSimple app. Upload separate images for mobile phones and for large form factors such as tablets. Users will be able to customize this image, but we recommend giving them a nice welcome with a beautiful default image. For mobile phones, we recommend uploading an image that's 600x300px. For large form factor, we recommend an image that's 900 x 300px.


By default, the main color of the cover photo (as detected by Capriza) will serve as the background color for the rest of the WorkSimple screen. You can also choose to override this behavior and specify any color you wish for the gradient below the cover photo. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you wish to enable this setting. 





You can always preview your updates and changes by clicking on the Preview button.


Additional Brands


In addition to the primary brand that will be used in WorkSimple and across all Zapps by default, you can create additional brands for the various departments and groups within your organization. When styling a Zapp, designers will be able to select from the available brands to use in their Zapp. Additional brands have a name, a primary and secondary colors and a logo image that will be used on the splash page of the Zapp.



You can add as many additional brands as you wish.


Brands within the Designer


You may set a brand for each of your Zapps via Style mode in the Capriza Designer. To do so, click the "Brand" icon on the left hand of the toolbar, and select a brand from the dropdown. 


If no brand is selected, your organization's primary brand will be selected. If you have not created a brand, the Capriza primary brand will be used.



For each brand, the color in the primary color (larger area) will be the default color for headers, buttons, tab underlines, etc. The secondary color will be used in "Alternate Themes" included in the Header and other control presets. In addition, the primary and secondary colors will be the first two options that appear in any background color or color field you edit.


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    Craig Johnston

    What are the dimensions of format requirements of each image?

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