What are Notifications?


Capriza provides push notifications within WorkSimple to help you drive adoption across your user base. Push Notifications are one of the main drivers for return usage of apps and maximize the value of mobility by delivering key information/reminders to users the moment they need it.



Available types of notifications include:

  • Time-Based: Help drive workflows on schedule by notifying the users at regular times or intervals.

  • Email-Based: Convert the transactional emails already sent by your source applications into mobile notifications.

  • Event-Based: Quickly respond to pending approvals and other action items.

  • Business Alerts & Cards Proactively track changes in KPIs.  Key metrics can be viewed directly on the WorkSimple homescreen.


WorkSimple Home page with Cards

Custom push events are also available for customers to trigger notifications based on their own unique use cases.


Example Use Cases

Push Notifications


  • New Opportunity
  • Lead Upgraded to Opportunity
  • Opportunity Closed
  • Quote Approved
  • Deal Approved and Processed
  • Review Opportunities (Weekly)
  • Reached your quota for this quarter
  • Reached your quota for the year

Field Delivery & Fulfillment

  • New Delivery Request
  • Delivery Due
  • Completed your Weekly Delivery Goals


  • New Approval Request
  • Approval Request Past 3 Days


  • New Paystub
  • Submit Timesheet for the Week
  • Company Holiday
  • Update Benefits
  • Temp Employee Extension
  • Company Announcement

Field Support & Maintenance

  • New Service Request
  • Service Request Due
  • Completed your Weekly Work Goal



  • My Forecast this Quarter
  • My Pipeline this Quarter
  • Total Closed this Quarter
  • Total Opportunities
  • Opportunities Created Last Month
  • Total SQLs
  • Total MQLs
  • Leads Created Last Month
  • Average Follow Up Attempts
  • Average Deal Value

Field Delivery & Fulfillment

  • My Daily Jobs
  • My Completed Jobs
  • Total Delivery Requests
  • Weekly Delivery Requests


  • My Accrued PTO Hours
  • Time Entered this Week
  • My Last Paystub
  • PTO Approvals


  • My Outstanding Approvals
  • Overtime Hours This Week
  • Team Vacation Next Week

Field Support & Maintenance

  • My Daily Jobs
  • My Completed Jobs
  • Total Service Tickets
  • Weekly Service Tickets

Implementing Notifications

Please see the following articles for information on implementing Push Notifications and Cards:

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