Login Options

Capriza offers multiple authentication methods for organizations to provide a safe, secure, and seamless login experience for their users.


There are five different authentication options for WorkSimple that customers can choose from to deliver the best experience for their users: 

  • Corporate Credentials: Capriza provides SSO integration with your existing corporate credentials via SAML 2.0, Kerberos, and custom protocols. We integrate with leading identity providers like Okta, Ping Identity, and more.
  • EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management): Capriza integrates with top EMM providers such as Airwatch and MobileIron. Customers can use WorkSimple for AirWatch or simply list WorkSimple and individual Zapps within their EMM store.

  • Quick Login: Provides an added layer of security while eliminating the need for users to remember another password. The user simply enters his email address and then clicks an email confirmation link. 

  • Username and Password: Capriza invokes this option on your behalf. Your Customer Success Manager will pre-set a username and password and then send an email with the necessary login information to the individual user.

  • Instant Login: For publicly accessible, cloud-based apps, users can simply enter their work email address and be instantly authenticated with no password or verification required. Access is gated based on your company's email domain or if the user's email is associated with your Organization.

  • Touch ID: An optional layer of security that leverage your device's native fingerprint-reading capabilities.

  • Passcode Login: An alternative second layer of authentication for users without TouchID-enabled device. This option requires users to provide a pre-chosen four-digit passcode upon opening WorkSimple.
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